Things we do in a war

Trump is getting a lot of press, and an appropriate amount of flak, over his idea that we should ban all Muslims from entering the country “until the nation’s leaders can ‘figure out what is going on.’”

Well, banning groups of visitors is one of the things that countries do in a war. There’s nothing new about that, even for the U.S. To my mind, the real problem here is that, as he suggests in this quote, the nation’s leaders haven’t yet figured out what’s going on. We really are at war.

There are only two ways to handle this. Either we fight through, or we seal the gates. If people want those border gates open, as I do (well, with a fence), they need to commit to fighting through.

Trump’s critics are making a lot of noise over this, but they themselves have already got those gates leaning closed. They did this when they asked, after 9/11, “why do they hate us?” and looked at our enemies’ demands as if we should consider accommodating them. They still do this whenever they boycott Israel. And they do this whenever they call for our retreat.

Later addendum: Elizabeth Price Foley on notes that “Trump’s statements about Muslim immigration/entry do not even rise to the level of World War II’s internment of Japanese Americans. His less intrusive measures—aimed at individuals who are outside US borders, not US citizens, and reasonably viewed as a potential threat to US national security interests during a War on Radical Islamic Terror—are clearly constitutional.