Wisconsin spying

We see from Wisconsin Watchdog that conservatives had just learned that they’d been under surveillance by the government, which had been reading his emails all this time. (Hat tip: Glenn Reynolds.)

“Just unbelievable,” said the conservative, who asked not to be identified. He remains active in Wisconsin politics. “It feels like a different country. It feels like something that shouldn’t be done in the United States of America.”

That’s right. This is what we should be doing to jihadists. But many of the same left-wingers who oppose surveillance of jihadists during a war are just fine with domestic spying for partisan reasons when the target is a conservative. I’m sure that most liberals, if cornered, will argue that they didn’t agree with this either, but the harassment has been going on for a while, and they’ve been largely silent.

It’s the type of thing one would expect under a ruler like Hugo Chavez, another favorite of the left.

They do like this kind of stuff.