Chickens coming home to roost

More thoughts on Cologne…

Radical Islam is ascendant: The very people who oppose the War on Terror, and still remain eager to spread lies about it, are now among the victims in Cologne.

I do understand that I’m making generalizations here, but the number of victims is large, and let’s face it, we are talking about Europe. Hating Guantanamo and the War on Terror were among of the ways that the Euroleft likes to strut their social consciousness without it costing anything. That is, until now. The bill is due.

Yes, I know that some will want to imagine that the outrages in Cologne and elsewhere wouldn’t be, if only we hadn’t invaded Iraq almost thirteen years ago. But the people saying that are the same ones who initially supported the President who encouraged Iranian aggression, allowed turmoil in Egypt, bombed Libya and Syria without Congressional authorization, lost Iraq, and doesn’t seem to care if we lose Afghanistan.

Remember “Bring Back Our Girls”? How well did that work? It showed weakness. It doesn’t end here.

A flyer for migrants with instructions on common decency is making the rounds online, including via ZeroHedge. (It’s amusing to be seeing this from Guantanamo opponents, but the right also has its share from that crowd. And to be clear, the isolationists didn’t open the gates.)

Those European bureaucrats who make those flyers are acting like those refugees simply need to be taught proper manners. Real innocent refugees should feel insulted, to the extent that some had managed to get to Europe without being thrown into the Med by the others.

It doesn’t have to be this way, but it is. How many recruits would ISIS be getting if they didn’t portray themselves as winning?

Imagine if ISIS was in tatters, the rubble of its cities smoking, Al Qaeda truly on the run, Guantanamo unapologetically packed with prisoners, and a Europe able to recognize which side is evil. Assuming there were still refugees streaming into Europe, does anyone really think those men wouldn’t be on their best behavior? They’d know better. They’re savages, but not stupid.

When it comes to barbarians, there are two alternatives to a real war: Strength or submission. There are no peace movements working on another path.

And lest you think it’s only Europe that thinks they can advance “peace” by being nice to our enemies, this was Seattle in 2007:

Demonstrators: Victory to the Iraqi Resistance
Anti-war march, Seattle, Washington, 2007

It is either fight, or raise the drawbridge. Don’t let any peace activist tell you otherwise.