All socialists are totalitarians

Sorry, but it’s true.

Bernie Sanders hates the Citizens United Supreme Court decision. It held that groups of people, in this case organized as a corporation named Citizens United, have the freedom of speech. The case was specifically about whether the government should have the power to censor a movie about a politician just before an election.

The Court decided that, of course politicians cannot censor movies for political purposes. Democrats were furious. Socialists, too. Whereas individuals have freedom of speech (until these politicians say otherwise), they insist that groups of people formed as corporations do not. They vow that future Supreme Court Justices will reverse that decision.

Nothing new about that. Then Bernie Sanders slipped and said his Supreme Court nominees will reverse that decision as “one of their first decisions.” He said this as to imagine that judges are like executives setting an agenda. But it doesn’t work that way. Judges are supposed to decide cases brought before them.

Ann Althouse brings us a post on the general naivete, including a link from ThinkProgress having recognized the gaffe.

ThinkProgress is from the Center for American Progress, which is a left-wing version of Heritage.

I can just imagine if Trump had said this. It’s ironic that people say Trump is unqualified because of a supposed lack of government experience even though his position required considerable dealing with all levels of government. Sanders has been a Senator for ages, having actually voted for a number of Supreme Court nominations over the years, and he seems to be clueless.

But the truth is, Sanders didn’t need to know all that much about the Court to do his job. He’s primarily a rabble-rouser. The one who does need to know how the government works is Trump.