If you oppose slavery, then you oppose radical Islam

This is taken from the poster for the upcoming movie The Birth of a Nation. The movie is probably controversial. But I’m not talking about the movie today.

I am talking about slavery. Most people like to think that they would have opposed slavery if they had been around in the 1800s. And most of those people are fooling themselves. I doubt that more than a handful of those movie­makers would have fought against it.

Very simply, if you oppose slavery, then you oppose radical Islam.

If you do not oppose radical Islam, then you do not oppose slavery. Do not pretend you would have opposed slavery in the old South.

If you want Guantanamo closed before the war ends (and I mean really closed, and not just moved), then you support radical Islam. That means you are willing to compromise with slavery.

If you want more for Guantanamo detainees than we’d have given unlawful combatants in WWII, then you’re willing to compromise with radical Islam.

If you’re willing to compromise with radical Islam, then you’re willing to compromise with slavery.

There was a time when we would look back on the history of slavery, and imagine that we’d have fought against slavery if we lived in 1850. Maybe we’d have opened our homes to escaping slaves as a rest stop on the Underground Railroad to freedom. We might even like to think we’d have joined the Union Army in the Civil War.

But that’s history. All we really know is where we stand on slavery today.

Much is made of ISIS and Boko Haram and their overt practice of slavery. But all of radical Islam supports it. Saudi Arabia (considered by Islamists to be an apostate government) outlawed slavery in 1964, but it still goes on there. It is in the Koran. You won’t get an Al Qaeda member or sympathizer to denounce slavery. Few, if any, former Guantanamo detainees will denounce it without qualification.

I realize that some people say there is no “radical Islam.” That’s a discussion for another day. We all know who and what I’m talking about.

If you oppose slavery, then you oppose radical Islam.


FBI Source: Clinton Foundation can bring down the entire government

From Tom Fernandez’s blog, with a hat-tip to Peppermint blog:

The Clinton Foundation is a “massive spider web of connections and money laundering implicating hundreds of high-level people,” according to an anonymous insider who revealed why the FBI stopped short of indicting Hillary Clinton.

Before FBI Director James Comey announced the FBI wouldn’t recommend pressing charges against Clinton, an insider with “intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Clinton case” hosted an little-publicized AMA session on 4Chan, and the statements he made on July 2 corroborate with later developments of the scandal.

It’s not so much that the Clintons have their tentacles everywhere, which they probably do. It’s that whatever hurts the Clintons is bound to hurt those they’re connected to. They protect each other because they need to.

This is a useful reminder that the story isn’t really over yet. They will all have to be watching each others’ backs for a long, long time.