Jihadi lawyers’ are a pro-bono firm of 2016

It’s alternatively funny and sick to see jihadi defenders acting like they care about human rights.

Now the website Law360.com is giving pro-bono firm of the year recognition to Covington & Burling, one of the bigger firms in the Guantanamo Bar. They specifically mention Guantanamo as one of their causes.

It was bad enough when they were whining that wartime detainees needed habeas corpus rights. The Supreme Court shouldn’t have given it to them, but they did. The court said Guantanamo was close enough, in a legal sense, to where they could have it — whereas they wouldn’t have had it if we still kept them in Afghanistan. Okay, they got it.

But that was years ago. Every detainee there now has had their habeas hearing. There is no question that they are being legally held even by some pretty generous standards. What are the lawyers doing that merits taking time away from other cases, including perhaps some truly worthy pro bono cases? What are they doing that merits such an award?

No, I don’t buy that these parole-style hearings are awardable work. Those are about trying to show that these detainees might not be too dangerous, after all this time. It’s not the same as making legal arguments.

It’s a popularity contest. The real shame is thinking that this sort of thing could make anyone popular, but such is the morality of lawyers.

If you want another reason to vote Trump, remember that Hillary Clinton will keep putting lawyers like this in charge of our Justice Department.